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Easy Sketches
Need some quick drawings or concept art? Then send me some info of what you need and I will put something together for you. Time estimated would be 3 days. 
I can write a little snippet for you of anything you want
I will write just about anything (even something kinda racy). Since the cost is super cheap, I will write until I think that it is done. Just me and idea and I will run with it. The more points ya give me, the longer and more detailed I will make it. Easy Peasy. 
Skittle Creations
I can create a design made out of skittles just for you! Send me an idea or reference pic and I will get started.

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Distorted Pieces character descriptions
Character descriptions:
Rosalie Noble:
Height: 5ft 9in
eyes: dark green
Hair: dark auburn, long and wavy
body: A little busty, some hips too, but not too fat nor too skinny.
What she wears: Typically longs skirts and sundresses that are bright and floral. When she is painting she wears her hair up, and denim shorts with a canvas looking button up tank top. All of her painting clothes have paint splatter on them.
Personality: She is a determined and hardheaded individual that no longer bends to anyone's will but her own (sometimes Evan's though). Despite her last name, she grew up poor and is very concious of spending money. She dropped out of the nursing classes that she was miserable in to follow her dreams of being an artist. The only person she really and fully trusts is Evan. Her parents disowned her after she dropped out of school. She used to work as a housekeeper and nanny so it used to hard work.
Evan Jones:
eyes: brown
hair: short and dark brown
body: he is a bit on
:iconevilgiggles1993:EvilGiggles1993 0 1
For those looking for something different
My name is Ellie and I have quite the story to tell:
The body that I live in is not mine. Well I guess it is mine NOW, but it used to belong to DeSiree Ellyse Jackson. On October 30th, 2013, something happened while she was meditating and she left. I guess she found some sort of peace or release, but I really don't know. I have most of her memories and have some similarities to her to make stepping into her life easier, but overall, I want to change everything about my new life. I'll get to that more in a minute though. For now I want to try and explain just what the hell I am.
So far from what I have been able to understand from my own meditations and feeling was is right I have been able to differ that I am a soul from a different plane that was put in her place when she left. I guess the universe was kind enough to pick out someone that would be able to adjust to the transition and make it as easy as possible for the people closest to her that I now s
:iconevilgiggles1993:EvilGiggles1993 1 24
What I remembered
For whatever reason, I remembered something tonight. I remembered one night when I was about 13 years old and I had said or done something to infuriate my mother. She was so angry with me that at 11:00 at night during Autumn, I think, she toss me out of the house. I was wear some sort of top with long sleeves, pants and flip flops. That is everything that I had with me. For 30 minutes or so, I paced up and down our long, sandy driveway barefoot. There were some chocolate labs that roamed our rural neighborhood that kept trying to eat my shoes so I took them off. Honestly, I had no idea what to do. Because of my mother's condition, it was possible in my mind that she wouldn't let me back in for the night. It had never happened before, but I was preparing myself for the worst. After a while, I decided to lay down on our old, worn trampoline and sleep. The dogs whom had adopted us, laid down with with me and kept me warm. It took a little bit because I had to get used to the smell of dirt
:iconevilgiggles1993:EvilGiggles1993 0 0
Warm Hearted by EvilGiggles1993 Warm Hearted :iconevilgiggles1993:EvilGiggles1993 6 3 Unfinished Wave by EvilGiggles1993 Unfinished Wave :iconevilgiggles1993:EvilGiggles1993 4 8 The Great Coverup by EvilGiggles1993 The Great Coverup :iconevilgiggles1993:EvilGiggles1993 1 0 Convergence by EvilGiggles1993 Convergence :iconevilgiggles1993:EvilGiggles1993 4 0 20130218 123602 by EvilGiggles1993 20130218 123602 :iconevilgiggles1993:EvilGiggles1993 0 0
I think that I am ready
I think that I am ready for when my time comes. Death doesn't scare me anymore. Sometime I would almost welcome it. I know that things must always come to an end, so this no longer scares me. I am ready for what may come. I just hope that the people close to me are as ready when my time comes.
:iconevilgiggles1993:EvilGiggles1993 3 8
Dying of Thirst
Tomorrow is the day. It is going to be the first day of my new life. Evalyn thought to herself as she got ready for bed. Where she would usually buy a soda and a sandwich, she instead set aside the money for a gallon of water. For breakfast there was a kiwi in the fridge plus a serving of broccoli for dinner. A bottle of supplemental vitamins sat on the counter next to the sink in the bathroom so she would be getting her daily vitamins as well. She had written out a work routine on her dry erase board, ready for her in the morning. Finally, there was a little book with a pen strapped to it ready for her to record her nutrition, weight loss, and thoughts throughout the diet. If it was successful, she would post it online for others to use.
She could not put this off any longer, it was unbearable to Evalyn that she had split the seams of two different pants in the same week. The thought of being an overweight, sloppy obese statistic--much like her slacker motherówas much too disturbing f
:iconevilgiggles1993:EvilGiggles1993 2 16
Enter Death by EvilGiggles1993 Enter Death :iconevilgiggles1993:EvilGiggles1993 13 2
There is Always Pie
You know the phrase "It is what it is."? I said that to my future mom-in-law and her husband chuckled a little bit. She explained that she hates that phrase being used because it means "I am stuck with what I have". That is not how life is supposed to be lived. No one wants to be stuck with their situations, they want a choice in how they live. So we came up with a new phrase to use in place of the previous: "There is always pie."
That came from the first night that we were playing board games together (Sequence was the game of choice that night). I am naturally a competitive person and did not give the parents of my boyfriend any slack just because I was still new in their home. I won 2 games against them, but lost the last because his momma found my Kryptonite: pie. Pie is a tasty dessert that just melts in your mouth and can distract you for the briefest moment. There are tons of flavors available and can be homemade, store bought, or thrown together with random ingredients. Now we
:iconevilgiggles1993:EvilGiggles1993 2 0
Distorted Pieces-2
They each took a seat in the living room with Rosalie next to Evan (and Evan next to the gun) on the couch and this mysterious man named Draven sat on the old worn recliner.
"I have a business proposition for you, Rosalie. I am sure you are unaware of my position and my clients whom are very interested in your work." He spoke to break the silence that seemed to have enveloped the room.
"Why couldn't you have called to set up a meeting?" Rosalie asked trying to not sound as rude as that question was.
"Fantastic question and I have a fantastic answer for you: discretion. You see, my client list whom I have said are very interested in your work,  are very unique and wealthy. If you would like, I could work with you in selling some of your work to them. They would probably each have to be custom make, but I don't think you will mind that." He explained patiently.
"Why couldn't they have come directly to me? It seems rather other to have a middle man for art work that is not on the bla
:iconevilgiggles1993:EvilGiggles1993 0 3
Distorted Pieces-1
The morning summer sun finished drying her dark auburn hair as she stood there staring at her work. It was the commission that she had been working on all week relentlessly. The end result was a beautifully contrasted abstract that combined a splash/splatter technique with graceful strokes that added movement throughout the piece. She let her eyes travel along the lines to make sure that it was ready. After a few moments of just watching her work, she decided that it was done. Finally, after struggling with meeting the guidelines of the individual who commissioned her and staying true to her own nature it was done. Rosalie gathered the brushes she had used in the mornings adventure and rinsed them in the sink she had installed for this very purpose.
It made her smile to look at the sink and remember trying to convince her fiance on the idea of installing the sink when there was one literally down the hall. Once she explained to him that she needed this sink so that she wouldn't have to
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Firey Heart by EvilGiggles1993 Firey Heart :iconevilgiggles1993:EvilGiggles1993 5 2 Flowing Green by EvilGiggles1993 Flowing Green :iconevilgiggles1993:EvilGiggles1993 3 0


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Journal History

I have thought this about myself before, but I genuinely believe it now: I have a stupid irrational fear of being successful. I have no idea why. Maybe it's because I have not been 'successful' thus far and don't know what it would be like? Is that is? I am terrified of this unknown future? Is that why I keep sabatoging myself? I have no fucking clue. Well maybe a tiny, miniscule clue. That's not much to go on though. I know that I don't like commitment to things. Or people. The only exception to that being my human that I live with currently. Beyond that... I don't know. It is so confusing in my head. Who am I? What do I want to do with my life? What do I want to achieve? Fuck. I have no idea most of the time. I think that I need to figure out some things about who I am. Yeah I think that I will do that. 


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DeSiree (Ellie) Jackson
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I am a beginner artist that is building a portfolio for different art festivals. The goal is to one day own an art gallery (hopefully in the next 10 years).


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